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Tinnitus is actually a brain malfunction

Since tinnitus is something related to the hearing system the common misconception about tinnitus, is that it comes from the ears. Researchers now tells us they have discovered that the condition is associated with changes in the brain, not just in structures within the ear. They believe that tinnitus causes the brain to stay more at attentive and less at rest. Thus, tinnitus is the result of this brain change, either mental or physical.

Through the use of an MRI, the researchers were able to isolate a region of the brain, called the precuneus that seems to be directly involved in the development of tinnitus symptoms. This structure of the brain is connected to two inversely related brain networks—the dorsal attention network and the default mode network. The former is responsible for holding a person’s attention when needed, and the latter handles “background” functions of the brain when a person is at rest.

These two regions were seen to work in tandem. When one is on, the other is off. Those suffering from tinnitus seem to have an abnormality in these brain regions. Chronic sufferers were found to have more connections to the dorsal attention network and less to the default mode network. Researchers found that, in patients with chronic tinnitus, the precuneus is more connected to the dorsal attention network and less connected to the default mode network. Additionally, as severity of the tinnitus increased, so did the observed effects on the neural networks. The severity of tinnitus symptoms is related to an increase in the overall effect of the neural networks

Normally, when we hear, there are a lot of sounds entering the ear. The ears pass on all that information to the brain and our brain filters out the sounds that are important to hear. Like when you are in a conversation, you cease to notice the background noise. With people who suffer from tinnitus this brain function is not working properly. This results in ‘making up’ extra information. These extra sounds one hears is not generated by the ear, but by the brain, that is “tinnitus” which is why almost all the tinnitus products don’t fully work.

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