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The Benefits of Garlic

The Benefits of Garlic

For years now we have been hearing about the numerous benefits of garlic in our diets. The problem is, garlic is known to cause bad breath after consumptioin, with the odor sometimes lingering for days. This fact alone deters many people from eating garlic in its natural form or using it frequently in cooking. At Gerometrix, we have a whole food garlic supplement that will not cause bad breath, yet it will provide users with the same health benefits of garlic without consuming it raw.

First, let’s take a look at some of the most commonly known benefits of garlic.


  • Garlic is considered to be one of the oldest medicinal plants, as it has certain disease fighting properties.
  • Garlic has been touted as having the ability to fight heart disease, hypertension, high cholesterol, infections, and the common cold.
  • More recently, scientists have linked garlic consumption with lowered risks of developing cancer.


When a garlic clove is crushed, minced, or chewed, allicin is released, which is a sulfur-bearing compound. This chemical, allicin, gives garlic its unique taste and pungent smell; yet it is also this chemical that is responsible for garlic’s numerous therapeutic benefits. Unfortunately, too many of us are turned off by garlic’s strong aroma and lingering aftertaste that we do not consume enough of it in its raw form. The good news is that when taken in supplement form, you get all of the benefits with none of the odor or taste.


Our garlic supplement is made from whole clove garlic that goes through a specialized cool-drying process. What you get is a supplement that retains all of the therapeutic properties found in raw garlic, without the potent odor or taste. If you want to protect yourself against high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease, blood clots, colds, infections, and possibly cancer, doesn’t it just makes sense to supplement your diet with our garlic preparation from Gerometrix? When you want only the best for your health, Gerometrix is a name you can trust.